Image & Video Date Fixer and Rename & Organize get fresh Material 3 Design Update

Image & Video Date Fixer and Rename & Organize recently received a comprehensive update that gives them a fresh Material 3 Design. The new design not only brings a more modern look and feel, but also optimizes the usability of the apps.

Material 3 Design for a Modern Look

The apps now shine in the new Material 3 Design, which was introduced by Google. The design is characterized by a more minimalist look, larger buttons, and a more modern color scheme. The colors also dynamically adapt to the device’s wallpaper, creating a harmonious overall look.

Improved Usability for More Intuitive Use

In addition to the new design, the usability of the apps has also been optimized. The buttons are now better arranged and the functions of the apps are more intuitive to find. This allows you to organize your photos and videos even faster and easier.

Further Improvements and Bug Fixes

In addition to the new design and improved usability, the updates also include a number of other improvements and bug fixes. For example, the performance of the apps has been optimized and some bugs have been fixed.