Rename & Organize with EXIF

What Rename & Organize with EXIF can do for you:


Rename your pictures with different timestamp formats and other EXIF metadata like camera model, manufacturer and many more.

This is useful since some manufactures like HTC and Sony (probably some more) save pictures taken with an incremented number in the filename, instead with a timestamp like other manufactures do.
When you factory reset your device, buy a new device or clean flash a custom rom, the camera picture counter gets reset and starts with e.g. IMAG_00001 again.

This can be an issue once you backup your files to a harddrive on your PC, because you will have duplicate filenames, although the pictures are actually different.

Also if you owned different cameras your image collection might have different naming formats, which Picture Manager can standardise to one selected format.


Bring more organization into your picture collection by sorting your pictures into dated folders or even named by the location you’ve taken your pictures.

E.g. If you been on vacation and made a roundtrip, you don’t need to remember the city anymore you’ve taken the pictures. Picture Manager will do that job for you by sorting the pictures into folders named by the location the pictures were taken.

The organizer also offers a feature to move your images to your external sdcard or even USB Storage.
In the premium version that can be done even automatically.

A useful use case is also to move Videos to another location to prevent Google or Amazon Photos to sync them to the cloud.

Clean up your images collection:

Picture Manager offers a duplicate image finder to get rid of duplicate images and restore some space on your phone memory. Also there is an option to find similar images based on PHash and AverageHash.

EXIF Editor

Edit exif metadata directly in Picture Manager, either single images or in batch mode.
Use conditions to only edit EXIF attributes matching them.

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